Is Your Tree Planted in the Right Place?

We at TLC by Ken always tell our customers in the Arlington, Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas area that planting their first trees will be all about location, location, location. Trees can give so many benefits to any home when planted in the right place. They can provide shade, privacy, windbreak, and boost in curve appeal. For you to fully enjoy these perks, you need to start looking ahead and see where you envision your trees will grow.

Our tree professionals here at TLC by Ken would be happy to assist you and find that perfect tree to be planted in the right place. For now here are some tips to help get you started.

  • Understand the type of tree you want to plant. Once you have decided on your tree, make sure that it is compatible with your area’s weather/environment and the soil you’re using. From there you can either make adjustments or change the type. A lot of times planting a tree that is not endemic or attuned to your region can result to higher maintenance cost.
  • Watch out for nearby structures, pavement, and underground works. In the future your tree’s branch can pose a risk to utility lines or its leaves can land directly to gutters. If it’s planted too close to the sidewalk, driveway, or patio, it can grow out of hand and leave cracks or damage the foundation. Your tree’s roots can also clog pipes, sewers, or septic tanks.
  • The kind of shade you trying to block also determines the location. Planting your tree on the southeast side provides morning shade, while for afternoon it’s in the southwest.
  • Make sure that your tree’s growth will not become a problem for others in the future. This is a fairly common fault among homeowners. If your tree will grow to a huge size, check if there is any possibility that its roots, branches, or body can reach your neighbor’s property. Also make sure that its leaves won’t be a nuisance to others.
  • Check other trees or plants planted in your lawn or nearby. Not all species of plants go together. In this case it is best to have your surroundings inspected by a local professional.

Please visit our blog again for more tips and insights on Tree Care. Trees Hurt Too also offer cost-free evaluation for homeowners who need professional help on their lawn — from tree disease to pest control solutions, our lines are open to take your call.