Signs that Your Soil is Bad

Many arborists and homeowners agree that the secret to a lush, green lawn is a healthy soil. This involves selecting the right kind of Soil Amendments and Fertilizer. Still, before anything else, your soil needs to be 100% healthy and the perfect match for your lawn.

Soil has a wide variety of types based on minerals, nutrients, composition, pH level, and texture. Unfortunately, a lot of people tend to overlook the importance of having the right soil that goes with their lawn or plants. Here are signs that your current soil might not be working for your garden.

  • Slow or minimal plant growth – Having soil that lacks minerals that your plants need is a fairly common problem among beginners. If after weeks of seeing that your plants have not grown or do not bear fruit yet, it is best to have your soil tested because its nutrients and vitamins might have been depleted already.
  • Discoloring – Are your plants slowly wilting or showing signs of discoloration? Your soil might be low on nitrogen and need fresh new compost. If they are looking purple, this could also mean that the soil is lacking phosphorus.
  • Difficulty in digging through soil – It is true that there will always be different kinds of soil for various types of gardens, but compacted soil will always be terrible for lawn grass. If you see that your soil has become too dense and it is hard to dig through it, chances are the airspace might not be enough. Make sure that your soil has the right amount of air, moisture, and composition after it went through construction or heavy foot traffic.

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