Soil Amendments

Soil Amendments

We at Trees Hurt Too always tell our customers in the Arlington, Mansfield, and Ft Worth, Texas areas that having a well-balanced and nutrient rich soil is the secret to a beautiful garden. Most of the time fertilizer is just not enough to keep its texture and pH level stable. This is where Soil Amendments come in.

Soil amendments are composed of organic or inorganic materials that enhance the texture, structure, and water retention of the soil for a more sustainable plant life. It is not a substitute for fertilizer, but rather a supplement to help sustain a healthier soil. Whether your lawn is for home or business, our lawn care experts are here to help you find the right amendments that will match your soil and plants.

Kinds of Soil Amendments

  • Compost Manure – Animal manure works best after being composted. It supports aeration, moisture retention, and nutrient absorption. The potency and levels of salt will depend on the animal where it came from. For instance, chicken manure tends to be really potent and should be used carefully.
  • Wood Ashes – This material is high in potassium and other nutrients great for most plant life. It also decreases soil acidity.
  • Peat Moss – This premium soil amendment is great for retaining moisture as well as lightly increasing acidity. It is also incredibly lightweight, easy to drain, and long lasting. This is entirely different from the decorative sphagnum moss, which is not used for soil.
  • Lime – If you are after balancing the soil pH level, then lime is your go-to product. It is an excellent source of calcium and aids in decreasing soil acidity.
  • Sulfur – Opposite of lime, sulphur is used achieve low soil pH for plants that require more acidity i.e. blueberries, azaleas, and hydrangeas.
  • Leaf Mold – Another aide in increasing acidity, leaf mold amendments are also great in keeping acid-loving plants healthy.
  • Gypsum – When your soil pH level is just right and you need to focus on improving your soil’s texture and structure, gypsum is a good choice. It improves water penetration and drainage as well as the release of nutrients. We often recommend this amendment for vegetable gardens.
  • Mushroom Compost – This type of soil amendment, which is a mixture of organic materials and peat moss, is dedicated for mushroom production, whether at home or for business.
  • Vermiculite – A non-organic soil amendment that is used for water and nutrient retention as well as improving soil structure and aeration.
  • Perlite – We recommend perlite when your soil needs to improve in water drainage and aeration. It also reduces plant pathogen problems.

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