Tree and Shrub Health


We provide Expert Tree and Shrub Health in Arlington, Texas.

Are you looking for a Tree and Shrub Health professional? We can provide a FREE evaluation of your Tress and Shrubs. We know what to look for and help decide on the best solutions. Not only do we want to help your lawn look wonderful, we also we want to help you maintain the investment you already have made with your home. Did you know that a healthy, manicured landscape can increase the value of your home by over 25%?

Keeping your Trees and Shrubs healthy protects your investment! Protect them from damage due to insects, diseases, and weather conditions with our Total Package Service. Here at Trees Hurt Too, we’ll inspect your plants for environmental and cultural difficulties and fertilize them with quality products to keep them healthy and vibrant throughout the year.

Trees Hurt Too, your local Tree Doctor will keep your plants healthy and thriving throughout the year, in addition to monitoring plants for indications of disease or insects. Our Tree and Shrub professional expertise regards dangers common to your area so that any symptoms can get treatment immediately and pests can be identified as well as controlled.

Trees Hurt Too, Tree and Shrub Health Services apply specially nutrients to enhance the appearance and growth of your plants. It is VERY important to pay frequent attention to shrubs and trees since lacking just one nutrient could result in the death of your plants. It’s a true fact, foliage may not be a reliable sign of the health of your plants.

The experts at Lawn Doctor have been serving the Arlington, TX area since 2013. Our high standards, competitive pricing, and highly-trained staff has earned a great reputation in the local community.

You deserve a beautiful landscape, and we can help give it to you!
Let us protect your trees and shrubs from insects, diseases, and weather-related stress.