Moisture Manager

LESCO Moisture Manager is a unique solution that reduces evaporative loss from the soil to make more water available to your plants in between rainfall, hand watering or irrigation cycles. Improved water use efficiency reduces the need for frequent irrigation, which can help you save money on your water bill. In drought prone or water-restricted environments, Moisture Manager provides a supplement to help keep your landscape healthy with limited water resources.

Moisture Manager Benefits

  • Reduce Evaporative Loss of Moisture
  • Improve Landscape Water-Use Efficiency
  • Protect Your Lawn and Landscape During Drought
  • Reduce or Eliminate Dry Spots
  • Have The Best Looking Lawn on the Block with Less Water
  • Do Your Part to Save the World’s Water One Lawn at a Time
  • In order to understand how Hydretain works, you must first understand the mechanism of drought. Simply put, when water is applied through rainfall or irrigation, a huge percentage is never utilized by the plant. This is due primarily to the forces of gravity pulling moisture back to the aquifer and evaporation pulling moisture into the atmosphere. While we can do little about gravity, we can help prevent evaporative loss.
  • When there is adequate liquid water in the soil, Hydretain essentially lies dormant and serves no real purpose. It is when this liquid water is depleted and only moisture vapor remains in the soil air space that Hydretain’s benefits can be seen. Plants cannot use moisture vapor, so Hydretain was engineered to capture it and collect it back into minute liquid droplets that sustain plants between waterings.

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