Many homeowners in Dallas, Fort Worth, & Arlington area take Tree Care very seriously. Unfortunately, trees in Texas are vulnerable to various diseases. Whether it is caused by environmental stress, weather, infection, pests, or human error, it is important to have professional arborists check and diagnose your tree right away.

Here are among the most common Tree Diseases you can encounter.

  • Mildew – Powdery mildew is fairly common in areas with high humidity and hot temperatures, such as Arlington, Texas. This fungal disease is more of a nuisance and does not permanently harm the tree.
  • Anthracnose – Although it does not directly damage your tree, this fungal disease will weaken its health and make it more vulnerable to damage and pests. A common symptom is when the leaves of trees such as oak, maple, and sycamore, start to have brown or tan spots.
  • Bacterial Leaf Scorch – Insects can spread a kind of bacteria to your trees, causing it to block the water flow between roots and leaves. Through time it can slowly kill your tree, and unfortunately, there is still no treatment available.
  • Hypoxylon Canker – Oaks, pecan, sycamore, elm, and other hardwood trees are susceptible to this fungal infection, particularly during drought. It also has no cure, but with the help of your local arborist, it can be prevented or hindered from developing.
  • Fungal Conk – It is a highly infectious disease that contains wood-rotting fungus. If you notice fungus growing on your tree bark, cracks, and old branches, ask for assistance right away.
  • Fire Blight – Fruit trees such as pear and apple are vulnerable to this bacterial disease, which can lay dormant in winter and thrive in spring. Symptoms include blackening of blooms, foliage and branches.
  • Texas Oak Wild – This is the often regarded as the most serious and intense tree disease for oaks in Texas. It spreads via root grafts and can kill your tree if not professionally tended to. It is highly advisable to ask your arborist to prevent the infection developing and spreading.

Prevention is still the best way cure to all these possible diseases. Still, if you suspect that your tree is already showing signs of any disease or infestation, our lines here at TLC by Ken are open to take your call. Our tree disease experts would be happy to conduct a cost-free evaluation of your entire property within the realm of sick trees and tree disease.