Looking for Pest Control Services in Arlington, TX?

Our Pest Control services consist of Termites, Fire Ants, Grubs, Fleas, Mosquitos, Ticks and more. Just their names can cause the average homeowner to shudder with dread. Those whose lawns have become infested often try everything in their search for the answer to their lawn pest problems.

Through TLC By Ken, I have become known as the solution for lawn pest control in Arlington, TX. My team and I are lawn care experts and can provide the diagnosis and treatment your lawn needs to welcome you and your family back outdoors. We provide lawn fertilization and weed control. And we can provide these services for the region’s best possible prices.

At TLC By Ken, I have gathered a team that has become renowned for being the most reliable and knowledgeable in the landscape pest removal business. With their help, I can rid your grass of almost any type of common insect, including mosquitoes. I also can provide you with perimeter pest control that will block their entry into your home.

Lawn pest removal at TLC By Ken starts with a complete inspection of your yard and surrounding environment. Then I can provide you with either proper pest control or natural, organic fertilizer to improve your lawn’s health.

My company has gained a large following in the Arlington region, particularly for our fire ant and flea and tick treatments. So I invite you to ask around for recommendations from your neighbors and friends on how best to get rid of insect pests. Ask how many over-the-counter treatments they have tried and how much the failed attempts have cost them. Then contact me at TLC By Ken in Arlington for the best and most reliable in lawn pest control services.

Pest Control Service in Arlington, TX:

Fire Ant Control
Lawn Pest Control
Mosquito Control
Perimeter Pest Control
Rodent Control
Termite Control
Tree Disease

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