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Are you in need of Fire Ant Control and Extermination Services? If you are suffering from a large uptick in fire ant population on your property, you can always try to handle the job of removal yourself. Do you know how to identify the correct species? Are you familiar with the exact types and amounts of bait needed to be effective? Not knowing the specifics when it comes to fire ant control can result in the job not being done right, and the ants not packing their bags and leaving your property for good.

Both native and Red imported Fire Ants can sting, and can be very aggressive. Their sting can cause various reactions such as nausea, and they are known for causing damage to plants, buildings, air-conditioning units, and telecommunications wiring. The Red Fire ant tends to prefer lawns and sunny, open areas, and can wreak havoc on the cosmetics and safety of your property.

There are many different kinds of bait and insecticides that are used in the ridding of Fire Ants from your property, and it takes a professional to know which type will work best for your specific domain. Our methods will target mounds that have already developed, and assure that you are left with a property area that you will be proud of. The warm months in Texas are when you want to be enjoying your lawn, not having the added worry of the potential to get stung by pesky intruders.

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The professionals at TLC By Ken have been keeping Texas yards vibrant and free of Fire Ants for over a decade. Doesn’t it sound fantastic to be able to enjoy your yard to its fullest potential, and spend less time worrying about these ants? We make a promise to keep your lawn looking great and Fire Ant free all season. Currently we are helping folks and businesses alike in the Dallas Fort Worth area which includes Arlington, Mansfield.

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