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We provide Expert Tree Disease Control for sick trees in Arlington, TX

If you have sick trees, you may need a tree disease professional to cure them. Our tree disease experts will provide you a cost-free evaluation of your entire property within the realm of sick trees and tree disease. We are seasoned professionals in regards to Texas Oak Wilt. Which happens to be the most serious and intense disease affecting live oaks and red oaks in this state. Our years of experience with pinpointing which trees are diseased will be a benefit to you. Sometimes the dying leaves appear as autumn colors during the hot summer months. This and other types of fungus essentially destroys how plants get water source, and disables their ability to be quenched with water. While all oaks are susceptible to this type of wilt, some are direly affected, and we can help stop the disease’s spread on your property.

Managing various types of tree disease requires us as the professionals to be very careful, and strive to prevent new infections. We focus on stopping the spread through roots, and apply to your property the task of planting resistant trees. We have years of experience in specific trenching methods, that go beyond the epicenter of infection to stop the spread of disease in the root systems. When it comes to preventing the spread of tree disease, knowledge is absolute power, and the best results are maintained by planting a large diversity of species, as well as using fungicide injections.

When you have sick trees on your property, they may appear brown or yellow, and can make you feel as if you are losing a very important battle. Anthracnose, Dothistroma, and mildew are other common issues that homeowners run into. A very organized and well-thought effort is the best at keeping your lawn healthy. Our service will enable you to enjoy your lawn to its fullest potential once again, and allow you to obtain expert help with the fight against these damaging diseases. Your mind will soon be at rest, as you know that you have the ablest members to help you fight.

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Our caring and experienced employees here at Trees Hurt Too have been helping Arlington, Texas homeowners keep their yards free of tree disease for many years. It is important for you to be able to enjoy your lawn without the constant fear of losing more trees to devastating disease, and we will be thrilled to help you retain your yard’s healthiness. What we want you to be able to enjoy every day is a disease-free lawn, with top-notch landscaping and the very best in curb appeal for your property.

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