Fort Worth Tree Doctor

Fort Worth Tree Doctor

At Trees Hurt Too Inc, the health and vitality of your trees are a top priority. We understand that every Fort Worth homeowner has distinct needs when it comes to tree health care. The main aim of our expert Arborist/ tree doctor service is to provide efficient and prompt care to residential clients in Fort Worth, Texas, by employing customized tree health care strategies all geared towards making trees beautiful and healthy.

We understand what it takes to make Fort Worth trees and shrubs healthy, luscious, and disease-free. Our Arborist/ tree doctors are guaranteed to provide the trees and shrubs in your landscape their specific needs to ensure that your property remains beautiful and healthy for many years to come.

About Fort Worth, Texas

We all know that everything is bigger in Texas, and Fort Worth is living proof of that statement. The city of Fort Worth doesn’t believe in half-measures as it offers a myriad of attractions, experiences, food, and culture for locals and visitors alike. There is a certain exuberance in celebrating all things Fort Worth including its natural beauty and for it being one of the most livable neighborhoods in the country.

But despite the safe and vibrant setting of Fort Worth, homeowners are problematic about the pests and diseases that plague the shrubs and trees in their respective properties. This should not be a cause for alarm as our arborist and tree care services at Trees Hurt Too Inc. will be at your service to diagnose, treat, and manage all your shrub and tree care needs. Our tree doctor services are conducted by a team of reliable tree care professionals. We will help every Fort Worth homeowner in creating a beautiful, healthy, and safe landscape as well as protect the value of your property.

Our Fort Worth Tree Doctor Services

Our expertly-trained Arborist/ tree doctors can work on any residential landscape in Fort Worth. When you schedule a consult, we will thoroughly assess your property and diagnose infestations, deficiencies, or diseases while creating crucial recommendations to eliminate these issues fast. Trees Hurt Too Inc. prides itself on its years of experience working with the local clients and providing unmatched tree doctor service to Fort Worth clients. Our complete list of tree care and maintenance services are as follows:

Tree and Shrub Health – Our friendly and professional tree doctors are sure to promote the optimal health of your shrubs and trees. From the management of tree diseases, insect control, soil care, and root protection- every aspect of your tree’s health will be carefully inspected by our seasoned tree doctors to create a customized and highly-effective treatment plan to solve any issues.

Microinjection Technology – We make use of state-of-the-art microinjection systems that perform an excellent job of infusing treatments that address common tree problems, including root system damage, inaccessible feeder roots, ground-water issues, and drainage concerns. Our cost-effective micro-injection technology is being recommended as an overall safe and effective tree fertilization program.

Tree Disease – No job is too big or too small for our tree doctors at Trees Hurt Too Inc. Our affordable tree care service offers the expertise, skills, and experience of accredited tree doctors to combat tree diseases. Our trained professional tree care experts in Fort Worth will take care of your sick trees through accurate diagnosis and customized treatment for fast recovery.

Tree Fertilization – This is imperative to improve the health of shrubs and trees that are lacking in essential nutrients. Our expert Fort Worth tree doctors conduct tree fertilization to bring back the life into your trees. Trees Hurt Too Inc. is equipped with the right set of materials and tools to perform fertilization treatments that allow the penetration and absorption of nutrients where they are needed the most.

Dormant Oil – Employing our skilled tree care service is essential in the execution of accurate and intelligent plans to preserve healthy trees in your property. The application of dormant oil is to eliminate all overwintering insects and laying of eggs on deciduous shrubs and trees while they are dormant. Dormant oil spraying is a safe and effective means of protecting your trees from infestation as insects generally do not build resistance to these oils.

Tree Pest Control – At Trees Hurt Too Inc, our tree care specialists are efficient and accurate at diagnosing and identifying tree pest concerns. We take care of insect infestation affecting unhealthy and healthy trees by implementing treatments that mitigate more serious pest damage as soon as possible. Our goal is to bring trees back to optimal health by managing the ecosystem with our tree pest control service.

Shrub Care – Our expert, tree care specialists, will keep your plants healthy and thriving all year round. Tree Hurts Too Inc will closely monitor your plants for indications of insect infestation or diseases. Our tree doctors will utilize their expert knowledge about the common dangers in Fort Worth so that any symptoms receive prompt treatment, and pests are identified and controlled as soon as possible.

Why Hire Tree Hurts Too Inc?

Tree Hurts Too Inc.’s professional team of Arborist/ tree doctors with specialty tools and equipment providing top-tier tree care services. Our tried-and-tested tree doctor services will help you maintain healthy and beautiful trees shrubs and trees that will make your property the talk of your Fort Worth neighborhood. If you want to request a free quote or schedule a consult with us, please do not hesitate to send us a message or call us today.