Grand Prairie Tree Doctor

Grand Prairie Tree Doctor

Trees Hurt Too Inc. is an esteemed tree doctor service provider that delivers cost-effective tree and shrub care services to residential clients who desire nothing but premium tree service in Grand Prairie. Our trustworthy and reliable team of experts Arborist has earned a reputation for excellence, outstanding customer service quality, environmental sensibility, safety, and training to deliver the best possible care to trees and shrubs in your Grand Prairie property.

About Grand Prairie, Texas

Grand Prairie is a pleasant contrast to many of the cities in Texas. It is a city that combines the sophistication and amenities of a world-class metropolis and combines that with the genteel culture and feel of a suburban community. This unusual mix of elements has made Grand Prairie a preferred place to work and live in.

The pleasant and modern attributes of Grand Prairie are highly inspiring that is has been named as one of the best 100 towns in the United States. Although the city is enthusiastic in its present environmental initiatives, trees and shrubs in residential properties are still plagued with insect infestations and sick trees. Fortunately, Trees Hurt Too Inc. offers a comprehensive line of tree doctor services that are tailored to the individual characteristics and specific needs of each property that we work on.

Our Grand Prairie Tree Doctor Services

Our Tree Hurts Too Inc. team consists of highly-qualified Arborist/ tree doctors in Grand Prairie Texas. We understand that our main job is to maintain the inherent values that shrubs and trees can add to a residential property and joy to the life of homeowners. You are sure to receive the most reliable recommendations and proper tree care services in Grand Prairie with Tree Hurts Too Inc. at your service.

Tree Hurts Too Inc. offers the following arborist services for Grand Prairie residents:

Tree and Shrub Health – Trees and shrubs are valuable investments. Our professional tree doctors will visit your property to conduct a thorough evaluation of the condition of its shrubs and trees. Trees Hurt Too Inc will then provide an accurate assessment of the condition of your shrubs and trees, which will then help us to form a customized care program that addresses diseases or nutritional deficiencies to make trees healthy and vibrant in the long term.

Microinjection Technology – We utilize microinjection technology to infuse and apply chemicals such as pesticides and fertilizers to suppress the growth and development of different tree diseases including rust, powdery mildew, blights on trees, and leaf spots to name a few. At Trees Hurt Too Inc, we use economical microinjection methods that are highly suitable for Grand Prairie residential landscapes.

Tree Disease – Our compassionate tree doctors will take care of your sick trees. We understand that trees are very delicate organisms and that the the presence of disease in one tree can easily spread to nearby trees. Our tree doctor services ensure that all the trees in your property receive a thorough assessment to check whether they are suffering from insect damage or tree disease. Our educated and experienced tree care experts will formulate an accurate and prompt diagnosis, which will ensure proper treatment and fast recovery for your trees.

Fertilization – Our fertilization methods depend on the specific types and species that need extra care and nourishment. We inject slow-release fertilizer fortified with macro and micronutrients into the soil which surrounds the base of shrubs and trees. We highly recommend our Grand Prairie clients to take advantage of our fertilization service in the Fall, as it successfully supports shrubs and trees to overcome winter and enjoy a more vigorous growth and beautiful outcome come Spring time.

Dormant Oil – We offer dormant oil application to homeowners who want to get a head start on specific plant-harming insects and before destructive pests become active in the Spring. Dormant oil or horticultural oil spray coats the plant foliage and suffocates the outside membrane of pests during dormant season. Our Trees Hurt Too Inc. dormant oil application service is completely safe and effective in managing specific pests that attack plants, but do not harm beneficial insects, birds, and animals.

Tree Pest Control – Our expert tree doctors know by experience that there are cases wherein one single method of treatment will not be enough to solve all of your tree health related concerns. There will be different types of treatment and interventions needed to resolve tree health issues permanently. Let our tree doctors help make your trees beautiful with the latest tree pest control techniques using cutting-edge equipment. We assure you that your pest infestation problems will be resolved immediately.

Shrub Care – We at Trees Hurt Too Inc. have great passion for tree and shrub care methods that enhance and protect environmental integrity. Our reliable tree doctors will conduct careful assessment and inspection in the overall health and condition of your landscape, and if needed, diagnose diseases or insect problems that will eventually lead us to recommend the best possible treatment available.

Why hire Trees Hurt Too Inc.?

You will receive the most dependable at trustworthy tree care services with the help of Grand Prairie tree doctors from Trees Hurt Too Inc. Entrusting us with your tree health care needs will guarantee an accurate, effective, and smart plan to preserve and reinvigorate trees in your property. To learn more about our tree doctor/ Arborist services in Grand Prairie, set up a complimentary consul or request a quote from us today!