Irving Tree Doctor

Irving Tree Doctor

If you are an Irving homeowner, you know that healthy trees are essential elements of your property. Not only do they make your home more beautiful, but they also enhance curb appeal, increase the value of your property, and deliver a positive vibe to your family. Trees Hurt Too Inc offers tree doctor service that will keep your plants in good shape through honest and professional care. Our high quality and trusted Arborist/ tree doctors have years of experience in providing sound advice and outstanding workmanship in delivering adequate care and treatment to trees surrounding your home.

About Irving, Texas

Irving, Texas, is one of the safest communities in the state of Texas. Located near the cities of Dallas and Fort Worth, the quaint city of Irving exudes a peaceful feel that attracts big-city workers to settle down in this beautiful community.

Apart from its diverse ethnic population and impressive golf courses, Irving prides itself with its gorgeous neighborhoods with houses that feature some of the best landscapes in Texas. But despite the excellent weather conditions and abundant care, these landscapes suffer from disease and pestilence, too. In these cases, skilled and experienced tree doctor service from Trees Hurt Too Inc. comes to the rescue.

Our Irving Tree Doctor Services

At Trees Hurt Too Inc., the success of a tree healthcare program relies on hands-on care and proactive monitoring. Our Arborist/ tree doctors are equipped with the right tools and equipment to diagnose problems accurately. We are ready to help boost the health of your trees with the following tree doctor care services:

Tree Health – Our tree doctors skillfully detect tree risks and threats before they become severe and costly. Trees Hurt Too Inc. implements regular assessment of your Irving landscape to identify any problems before they become severe or irreversible. We take on a holistic approach to tree health care service combined with evidence-based treatment interventions, so your trees remain healthy all year round.

Tree Fertilization – Our tree doctors recommend fertilization for your trees to support their nourishment and to protect them from pestilence and other tree diseases. For optimum nutrient absorption, we feed the fertilizer directly to the root zone of trees, as well as schedule the right dosage and frequency based on the specific needs and condition of the trees in your property.

Tree Pest Control – Trees Hurt Too Inc.’s pest control program will protect your trees from potentially serious damages caused by insect and pest infestations. Our tree doctors will thoroughly inspect your trees and surrounding landscape for the presence of insects that commonly ravage trees in Irving, Texas, such as borers, caterpillars, and ticks. We employ a wide range of treatments such as microinjection technology to eradicate insects and pests that cause damage and disease to your trees in a practical, prompt, and safe manner.

Tree Disease – Our expertly trained tree doctors identify signs of tree diseases and form a specialized treatment plan to resolve the issue quickly and effectively. We tackle common diseases that affect trees in Irving, such as those that are caused by fungi growth, cankers, fruit tree diseases, and root rot, to name a few.

Dormant Oil- The application of dormant oil in late winter or early spring is essential to eradicate insects and pests that cause serious problems to fruit-bearing trees during springtime. Trees Hurt Too Inc. uses dormant oil that is powerful enough to suffocate insects such as mites and scales and proven generally safe for beneficial insects, pets, and humans.

Why Hire Trees Hurt Too Inc.?

As a tree doctor service provider, Trees Hurt Too Inc. strives to deliver quality work, exceptional service, and honesty. Whether you are looking at annual tree treatment or a comprehensive tree disease and pest control plan, we are a full-service tree care company offering competent, prompt, and affordable tree doctor care services in Irving. If you wish to learn more about our Arborist/ tree doctor services, please do not hesitate to send us a message or call us on our hotline and we will respond promptly to answer your inquiries.