Mansfield Tree Doctor

Mansfield Tree Doctor

Trees Hurt Too Inc. is a full-service company offering premium, tree doctor services in Mansfield. We provide high-end tree health care solutions that effectively manage tree diseases and pest infestations as well as implement tree care and maintenance programs for our residential clients in Mansfield, Texas. Our Arborist main goal is to maintain and enhance the health and appearance of trees in your landscape using a cost-effective and environmentally friendly tree doctor care programs. 

About Mansfield, Texas

Mansfield is one of the fastest-growing cities in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Its pleasant suburban feel and highly-rated public schools attract more Texans to own homes in the city of Mansfield. The small-town hospitality, strategic location, safe neighborhoods, and its attention to quality education and recreation has made it one of the best cities in Texas. 

In Mansfield, homeowners cherish their trees for their natural beauty, enhanced curb appeal, and shade protection from the hot summer sun. But just like humans, trees also suffer from diseases that affect their aesthetics and function, resulting in death. They are just as vulnerable to environmental stressors, infectious diseases, and insect and pest damage. The good news is that our tree doctors at Trees Hurt Too Inc. can accurately diagnose the cause of tree problems and create a successful treatment for Mansfield residential clients. 

Our Mansfield Tree Doctor Services

At Trees Hurt Too Inc., our expert tree doctors will develop a custom treatment program to accommodate the specific needs of trees in your property. We utilize affordable treatment and tree care measures to ensure the beauty and vitality of trees in your landscape. Our Arborist/ tree doctors offer the following services to our both new and regular clients in Mansfield:

Tree Health – Trees Hurt Too Inc. deliver effective, safe, and environmentally-friendly solutions to minor and complex tree-related concerns. We employ treatment and preventive care solutions that are cost-effective to ensure the health of your trees and retain the value to your home. 

Tree Fertilization – One of our best-selling tree doctor services, tree fertilization, features the application of high-quality fertilizers that offer specific nutrients that are designed to keep your trees grow and stay healthy. Our tree doctors nourish trees with the right dosage of fertilizers at proper intervals all-year-round.

Tree Pest Control – Insects and pests affecting trees can damage the stems, flowers, fruits, and roots. Our pest control service offers complete and thorough inspection from our seasoned tree doctors in Mansfield. We will design a pest control program that is specifically tailored to treat pest infestations. We employ microinjection technology to directly inject vital nutrients into the trunk of trees that reinvigorate trees that were showing signs of stress and decline. 

Tree Disease – Our expertly trained tree doctors specialize in tree disease management and utilizes a comprehensive and integrated health care plan that may include fertilization and specialized treatments. We identify the cause of disease and design a program based on treetype, disease stage, and preferred methods of treatment application. 

Dormant Oil – Trees Hurt Too Inc. offers dormant oil treatment in late winter as a means to protect your fruit-bearing trees from insect and pest infestation during springtime. We use safe and effective dormant oils that eradicate and suffocate dangerous insects and pests before they start budding as the weather begins to warm.

Why Hire Trees Hurt Too Inc.?

Trees Hurt Too Inc. tree doctors have the experience and training to detect tree issues before they become severe and hazardous to other trees in your property. It is the priority of our Mansfield tree doctors to protect your investment and deliver that curb appeal you have always wanted for your property. Our team of professional Arborist/ tree doctors will provide tree health care recommendations based on their extensive education and training in all aspects of tree care. If you live in Mansfield, Texas, let us take care of your trees with our practical, safe, and affordable tree care solutions.