One of the benefits of having a green and vibrant lawn is having kids running around and exploring its beauty. In the eyes of a toddler, there is so much biodiversity to discover, and nothing can be more rewarding to a parent than seeing their children appreciate their hard work.

Here are a few tips on how to keep your turf a little bit safer and more child-friendly.

  • Safe fertilization is important. Compost and other natural fertilizers are guaranteed safe options, but if you are trying out other types, it is best to check the label. Brands that have “naturally organic” and “slow release” components are a good start. Also, be careful of over-fertilization, which can pollute your waterways and permanently damage your grass.
  • Watch out for your child’s allergic reactions. This is the time when parents learn more about their child’s health condition, i.e. sensitivity and potential allergies. Try not to go crazy with the types of plants at first and slowly add or experiment.
  • Manage lawn mowing according to your child’s safety. Many experts suggest mowing twice instead of once a week. This will improve air quality and help keep your soil moist, greatly beneficial during humid days. Less mowing also means less emissions and less risk for your child to be exposed.
  • Secure all your gardening tools and equipment properly. Keep all of them, especially the sharp ones, in a cool, dry, and locked area where you can only reach and gain access to.
  • Set up a fence if needed. Putting a separation between your plants and kids and pets secures the safety for both parties. It reduces the risk of getting your plants stepped on and your kids going beyond the safely intended area.
  • Does your lawn have enough shade? If your home is in the Arlington, Dallas, Fort Worth Texas area, then there are bound to be hot and humid days. Make sure your kids and even guests have enough shade to appreciate the outdoors.
  • Keep your lawn pest free. Do not risk your child’s safety by not immediately addressing and removing harmful pests, i.e. fire ants, rodents, and mosquitoes in your yard. At the same time, make sure that the pest control you are using is safe and properly applied.

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