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Arborists cure sick trees and more.



Just like people, trees hurt too. We at Trees Hurt Too focus on saving your sick trees, not destroying them.

How do you know you have a sick tree?

A tree will fall under one of four classifications. The four classifications are “healthy”, “sick”, “dead”, or “snag”. We determine that a tree is sick if it is diagnosed not to live for more than five or so years. We determine how long the tree will live based on the size of the living crown to the size of the bole. (In other words, the part of the tree above the trunk to the tree’s actual trunk.) A sick tree, which will also have few leaves left in the canopy, will not be able to make enough food for itself to maintain all of the tree’s tissues for the next year, so gradually it dies. For a sick tree, there are also signs of yellowing leaves and dead branches in the canopy.

Do ALL Sick Trees Die?

No, though a tree maybe sick this does not necessarily mean that the tree will die. In order to help your sick tree though give our Tree Doctors a call.

Dormant Sprays Will Protect Your Plants

We hope you become as excited about dormant sprays as we are! Dormant sprays have been successfully used as far back as 200 B.C. by the Romans to control overwintering pests and diseases on their trees.

Why is spraying trees and other plants while they are dormant so effective?

For two reasons:
1) Insect numbers are at a low level during the winter, you can break the whole cycle of multiplying pests by eliminating them at this time.

2) During the dormant season we can professionally apply a special highly effective horticultural oil spray. That controls not only adult insects but also insect eggs that are resistant to other controls and even some plant diseases. Because the trees have shed their leaves there is no danger of burning the tender leaves as there is when using some of these sprays during the growing season. It’s an ideal time!
Dormant treatments are directed toward plant pests but as a bonus some of the many pests that wander indoors are also controlled.
Timing and proper application of dormant sprays is vital in achieving the high level of control that is need to be successful. These treatments need to be applied before the plant buds start to break open in late winter and they must be applied thoroughly so that every pest-infested crack and crevice of bark is covered.
If you are not already signed up for this great service be sure to call our office today so we can schedule you in at the right time.

We have a Lawn & Tree Package for customers who want more!

Curing Sick tree procedure Includes:

• Dormant Oil tree spraying
• Tree fertilization’s
• Micro-inject Root Inoculations
• Insect treatments
• Fungal treatments
• Borers treatments are some of the services offered by our Arborist

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