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Professional Pest Control For Arlington, TX Properties

Located in Tarrant County, just west of Dallas and known for its recreational and sports attractions is the city of Arlington. Whether you’re looking for professional lawn care services or effective pest control solutions, Trees Hurt Too is right for you. We provide all kinds of services to fit the needs of residents in Arlington and throughout the surrounding areas. Our lawn care, tree & shrub care, and fertilization services are designed to provide the perfect conditions for your plants to thrive. Our pest control services are designed to eliminate current pest threats and prevent new ones from occurring in the future.

At Trees Hurt Too, we’ve made it our top priority to offer effective solutions for all of your lawn care and pest control needs. Give your property exactly what it needs by partnering with the skilled technicians here at Trees Hurt Too today.

Tree Care Services In Arlington, TX

Healthy trees and shrubs aren’t just pleasant to look at, they also provide many benefits for homeowners and the environment. Healthy lawn plants provide clean oxygen, privacy from neighbors, and plenty of shade for you to enjoy. At Trees Hurt Too, we’re ready to provide excellent tree care services that will protect your plants from disease, damage due to insects, and weather conditions. For more information about our professional tree and shrub care services, don’t hesitate to contact the technicians from Trees Hurt Too today.

Why DIY Fire Ant Control Doesn't Work For Arlington Residents

Two ants on a branch with a dark background in Arlington, TX.

Fire ants are common pests that thrive in our warm, dry climate. They live in large nests that can contain thousands, or even hundreds of thousands, of ants. One of the most unique things about fire ant nests is that they are easily identifiable. Fire ants build large dirt mounds visible above the grass. These mounds can be as large as two feet wide and seven inches high, depending on how mature the colony is.

Although fire ants prefer to live outdoors in dry, sunny areas, they still pose a significant threat to Arlington residents. Fire ants are aggressive insects that will attack anything they perceive as a threat in large numbers. While not life-threatening, fire ants can sting multiple times, leaving behind painfully itchy welts.

When faced with the threat of fire ants, many homeowners search for the “quickest and easiest” DIY solutions. Unfortunately, most methods of DIY fire ant control are a waste of time, effort, and money.

Without the help of a skilled professional, it’s challenging to determine where you should apply fire ant treatments, let alone what other safety-precautions need to be taken. That’s why you should always contact the professionals here at Trees Hurt Too for your fire ant control needs. We have the products and experience needed to eliminate your fire ant infestation at its source.

Reach out to Trees Hurt Too today to get started on your first treatment.

Lawn Care Services In Arlington, TX

A house with a stone wall in front of it, located in Arlington, TX.
A bright, luscious lawn is something many Arlington homeowners aspire to achieve. However, the time and money that goes into maintaining such a lawn are often overlooked. If you want to enjoy a healthy lawn without the commitment of maintaining it yourself, you can’t go wrong with a little help from the professionals here at Trees Hurt Too. We provide a variety of lawn care options to help promote healthy grass, trees, and shrubs. Some of the lawn care services we offer include:

  • Weed control
  • Fungus control
  • Moisture management
  • Lawn aeration services
  • Fertilization services
  • Soil amendments
  • & much more!

Our lawn and tree program utilizes all-natural, organic fertilizer that promotes healthy trees and shrubs in addition to keeping your lawn beautiful and weed-free. With our skilled professionals by your side, you can trust that your lawn will look healthy, green, and beautiful in no time at all. Reach out to Trees Hurt Too today for more details about all of our lawn care options.

The Importance Of Quality Lawn Pest Control In Arlington

When pests take over your Arlington property, they threaten your quality of life and peace of mind. Here in Texas, many different species of pests can live on your lawn and cause problems for you and your family. Mosquitoes can pepper your skin with itchy red welts and disturb your guests, rodents can damage your property and threaten your safety, and other common pests can put the health of your lawn at risk.

To ensure your Arlington lawn remains free of destructive and dangerous pests, professional lawn pest control services are crucial. At Trees Hurt Too, we are committed to protecting your property from all kinds of pests. We provide many different pest control options to help you achieve the thriving, pest-free lawn you deserve. The professionals from Trees Hurt Too have what it takes to provide excellent lawn pest control services that will protect your Arlington property year-round.

Call The Experts If Bed Bugs Find Your Arlington Home

If you find bed bug bites on your skin in red, itchy lines or clusters, you're probably dealing with an infestation in your home! Bed bugs cannot only keep you up at night – they can take over every room in your home in record time. That's because, compared to other pests, they can reproduce extremely quickly and in large numbers.

That's why bed bugs are pests that require professional attention. Finding them is a chore on its own because they can hide essentially anywhere that you can fit a credit card into! We start our treatment process with a thorough bed bug inspection so that we know the extent of the infestation.

After our inspection, we create a customized treatment plan to take care of every last bed bug. That way, they can't continue to multiply and infest your home. Don't let bed bugs bother you at night – contact our professionals for the best bed bug control services in Arlington instead!

How To Protect Your Arlington Lawn From Moles

If you're finding moles in your lawn in Arlington or are seeing signs of moles, it's time to call on us for mole control services! Finding mounds of excavated soil or surface runways that look like ridges in the soil are both sure signs that it's time to bring in the professionals.

Unfortunately, moles are notoriously difficult to prevent. They'll probably be able to continue ruining your lawn and garden until you bring in experts! The best way to protect your lawn and landscaping from moles is to contact us for the best mole pest control services in town.

Don't let moles take over the garden and lawn you're so proud of. You've worked too hard to let them ruin the results of your efforts! Set things straight by counting on us to take care of moles for you. Our pros are only a call away!

How Tree Injections Can Reinvigorate Your Arlington Lawn

Tree injections are special treatments that can stop pests from hurting your beautiful trees. We use micro-injection technology, injecting an IV into the vascular tissue of the tree we're treating. This IV carries pesticides up and down the tree for two years. This treatment will effectively stop pests from damaging your trees!

It can also treat any micronutrient deficiencies your tree may have, helping it to be healthier than ever before. Tree injections also have the ability to fight off any bacterial or fungal issues your trees may potentially experience.

Reach out to our licensed plant health care professionals to schedule your appointment for tree injections in Arlington today! We'll ensure your trees are healthy and protected for years to come.

We're proud to be the most trusted choice that local property owners rely on to care for their beloved trees. Instead of letting nature take its toll on the beautiful trees that make your property so visually appealing, you can call on us! Our time-tested treatments utilize the best expertise in the industry to get you the long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing results you want for your trees.

Minimize Mosquitoes In Arlington With Help From Trees Hurt Too

If your property in Arlington is swarming with mosquitoes, it's time to call on us to schedule a mosquito control service appointment! We offer monthly and seasonal services from March or April through October or November, totaling an ideal eight services each year. We use as few chemicals as possible to ensure the safety of you, your loved ones, and your pets while still taking care of the mosquitoes on your property.

When we treat mosquitoes, we stop them from being able to breed, which is important because females typically lay "rafts" of up to 300 eggs at a time. Those eggs only take about two weeks to become adults and infest your property! If the cycle is allowed to continue, those mosquitoes will also lay eggs. Then, you could end up dealing with a seemingly endless and continuously worsening infestation.

Instead of waiting for the problem to become worse, call on our local team of experts! We have efficient and effective mosquito control services you can count on.

We're proud to be Arlington's choice for all types of pest control, and when it comes to the mosquitoes that could potentially transmit diseases, we know how important our work can be. That's why we always take our job seriously and perform it correctly at every appointment. That way, you can get the reliable results you're looking for every time you need us.

Contact us today to schedule your appointments with the best mosquito control company in Arlington! We look forward to taking your call and getting the property you're proud of mosquito-free in no time.

Trusted Pest Control solutions in Arlington, TX

  • Pest Control
  • Lawn Care
  • Fire Ant Control
  • Termite Treatment
  • Moisture Control
  • Tree Health
  • Ornamental Plant health

Nestled between the bustling metropolis of Dallas and the charming city of Fort Worth lies a hidden gem waiting to be explored - Arlington, TX. Often overshadowed by its more famous neighbors, this vibrant city has a story to tell that is as rich and diverse as its culture. From being home to the world-renowned AT&T Stadium, where football legends clash under starlit skies, to housing the heart-pounding thrills of Six Flags Over Texas, Arlington is a place where adventure meets history in perfect harmony.

But beyond its tourist attractions lies a deeper tale of resilience and innovation. As one delves into Arlington's past, they will uncover a tapestry woven with tales of triumph over adversity and unwavering community spirit. Whether you're strolling through the historic downtown district or savoring authentic Tex-Mex cuisine at local eateries, Arlington invites you on an unforgettable journey through time and tradition. So come along as we unravel the layers of this dynamic city that truly embodies the heart and soul of Texas.

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