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At Trees Hurt Too Inc., we’re all about protecting your lawn so that you can enjoy quality time outside with your family. While mosquitoes might not affect the aesthetic value of your lawn and yard, they can be a severe nuisance to your outdoor activities.

On a far more serious note, mosquitoes are one of the most dangerous animals on the planet. Since mosquitoes feed through a tube on all sorts of warm-blooded animals, they can transfer a variety of diseases to any of their victims. Some of the deadly mosquito-borne illnesses include the Zika virus, yellow fever, and West Nile Virus.

Since mosquitoes can breed in just a half-inch of standing water, your yard could quickly become an ideal site for an infestation, especially after a rainstorm. Unfortunately, even dumping standing water out of items in the yard like wheelbarrows, flowerpots, and lawn ornaments won’t get rid of an infestation if the larvae have already been born.

A mosquito is sitting on a leaf, demonstrating the importance of Mosquito Control in Tarrant County, Inc., TX. Trees Hurt Too.
Fortunately, our experts at Trees Hurt Too Inc. can keep your property safe from a scourge of mosquito colonies. Would you rather utilize the services of a pest control company that focuses on protecting your house? Or would you rather trust the lawncare experts to keep mosquitoes out of your yard? By enlisting the ongoing mosquito protection services of Trees Hurt Too Inc., you’ll get the assurance of high-quality mosquito protection that also protects your vegetation.


Unfortunately, many of the modern mosquito protection techniques involve chemicals that are just as harsh on your lawn and everything in it as they are on mosquitoes. In order to protect your lawn, your plants, your family, and your pets, our mosquito services involve a careful three-step process to ensure we provide high-quality care that respects your property and your budget.


A tire is sitting on the ground next to a potted plant. TX
By analyzing the mosquito problems on your property, our licensed technicians will learn which kind of mosquitoes you’re dealing with and the areas they frequent the mos. We’ll then explain your treatment options and give you an estimate before moving to the next phase.


A man kneeling on the ground with a bucket, offering Mosquito Control services in Tarrant County.
Unlike other pest control companies that don’t specialize in lawn care, our mosquito control systems are designed to protect your vegetation. Instead of chemicals, our services utilize In2Care Mosquito Traps that are proven to kill harmful mosquitoes and their larvae. We’ll discreetly and strategically set up traps throughout your yard so that you can continue to enjoy the aesthetics of your property with a reduced mosquito population.


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In order to ensure the effectiveness of the traps, our technicians will inspect them regularly. Depending on your property and budgetary needs, the traps will need to be reloaded with larvicide at different intervals throughout the year.


Our mosquito treatment control plans offers eight services per year. All of the In2Care Mosquito Trap service plans include the following benefits:

  • 4,000 square feet per trap
  • Effective control of Zika-spreading mosquitoes
  • Green Innovation - reduced use of chemicals
  • Harmless to plants and beneficial insects such as bees or butterflies
  • 24-hour protection
  • Pet Friendly

With these eight monthly services, you can finally have peace of mind as you enjoy a mosquito-free yard, safe from the dangerous health detriments of these invasive pests. Plus, since our technicians are paid the same no matter what, they’ll always suggest the best plan for your property instead of suggesting the most expensive option every time.


As a homeowner in Tarrant County, you have plenty of options for pest control. But there aren’t many with the kind of expertise that we can bring to the table. With so many health issues on the line, consider whom you should trust with your family’s well-being. Is it the pest control company that mainly treats your house and offers to spray chemicals around your yard to ward off mosquitoes as well? Or is it the company that specializes in lawn care and repelling all outdoor pests for good?

When you enlist the continuous services of Trees Hurt Too, Inc., you’re not only getting the perfect combination of innovation, quality, and customer service, but you’re also getting the focused and attentive care that can provide sustainable lawn care solutions in every way. Consultations are always free, so no matter what’s bugging you about the mosquito problems in your yard, we’d love to take a look. Take back your yard! Call us today to schedule an inspection.

Is your property overrun with mosquitoes? We can help!


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