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Trees are not only a beautiful feature in any yard, but they’re an integral part of your lawn health. Tree root systems aid in moisture management while providing privacy, shade, and even entertainment. However, as vital members of any yard’s ecosystem, sick trees can do a lot of harm on your property before decaying quickly past the point of no return. Since many people don’t understand the power of invasive and destructive lawn pests, they may not understand how common sick trees are.

So what does a sick tree look like anyway? Unfortunately, many of the trees on Tarrant County properties are unhealthy, and people don’t understand the warning signs of a tree in danger. In fact, our team of professional, certified arborists at Trees Hurt Too, Inc. classify tree health into four categories: healthy, sick, dead (falling or fallen), or snag (dead, but upright).


It’s important to spot sick trees in Tarrant County early because not all sick trees die. With enough time, our Licensed Plant Health Care Professionals (or tree doctors, as we like to call them) can nurse a sick tree to full health. However, allowing a tree to remain sick for over a year will most likely lead to its death, leaving you with an expensive problem to deal with as it decays and falls wherever nature intends for it to fall, including on top of your house.

Our professional arborists use a specific measurement ratio between the middle of the tree and the trunk of the tree to gauge potential remaining tree life. We’ll deem a tree as “sick” if we estimate its remaining life is less than five years. Without professional tools, you might be able to spot a sick tree yourself if you keep an eye out for dead branches or yellowing leaves in the canopy.


What can we do for your sick trees that others can’t? Our secret to success is that we know enough to know that we don’t know it all. We’ve never tried to reinvent the wheel. Instead, we tap into the power of tree care solutions that have been used for centuries, even dating back to the Roman Empire (with a few of our own modernizations, of course). In order to protect their crops from destructive overwintering pests, Roman farmers created dormant sprays, which do zero harm to vegetation when applied during the dormant season but provide year-round protection.


The effectiveness of dormant sprays is doubled by the fact that pest activity is very low in the winter, so you’ll be able to break their breeding cycles completely by treating the trees before the growing season. After we apply the spray, pests won’t be able to breed in or around the tree once springtime rolls around.


Plus, our horticultural oil spray solution can be harmful to young, tender leaves that bud in the spring. Spraying during the winter eliminates the risk of harming the tree while multiplying the effectiveness of eliminating pests, pest eggs, and plant diseases. While these sprays are directed towards plant protection, they even serve to create a barrier in your yard against home-invading pests.


Since customer satisfaction is our top priority, we go through a very thorough process before treating your healthy or sick trees with our advanced treatment solutions. The process involves a thorough inspection, detailed treatment solutions, and, many times, follow up appointments or recurring treatments.


A person is holding a stethoscope on a tree in Tarrant County.

Assessing your yard for potential hazards and current problems is one of the most important parts of our advanced solutions.

Once you schedule an appointment, our Licensed Plant Health Care Professionals will be out to your property to inspect for sick trees, invasive lawn pests, and any potential attractants. We will then provide a no-obligation estimation based on the suggestions of our technicians and your budgetary preferences.


A man in a blue shirt is kneeling under a tree, providing tree care services in Tarrant County, TX for Trees Hurt Too Inc.

Once we agree upon a treatment plan, our technicians will schedule the proper time for treatment in order to achieve the best results. We then will treat your trees, vegetation, and yard with dormant oil tree spraying, tree fertilization, microinjection root inoculations, insect treatments, fungal treatments, and borers treatments.

All of the sick tree solutions will be implemented by our professional, licensed arborists that receive the highest quality training in tree health.


A man kneeling in front of a truck with the words Trees Hurt Too, promoting Tree Care In Tarrant County, Inc.

Since these protective solutions work all year long, there is not necessarily a follow-up treatment required. However, many of our continuous lawn care services also involve inspections for sick trees provided by our arborists.

Check out our other lawn care services to see which of our vast array of lawn and vegetation care you’d like to bundle with tree care.


When sick trees begin to affect your safety, budget, and peace of mind, the list of expenses and hazards can be very frustrating. However, the alternative is a much brighter picture. With the proper tree healthcare services, you can enjoy a beautiful yard while providing protection for your lawn and home against invasive pests.

To sign up today for our no-obligation estimation or continuous lawn care treatments, give Trees Hurt Too, Inc. a call. We would love to add you to our long list of satisfied customers who enjoy healthy trees and beautiful lawns.

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