Signs of a Sick or Dying Tree

We at TLC By Ken have received one too many calls from homeowners who asked for solutions for their sick tree when it’s already too late. This is why we strongly urge our clients to have their lawn and trees regularly checked and evaluated. If you have a feeling that your tree is undergoing change that is out of the ordinary or if there are signs of infection or disease, please call your local arborists right away.

Here are signs that your tree is no longer healthy and needs professional attention.


  • There is discoloration, premature leaf defoliation, and the leaves are already shrivelled before fall season.
  • Excessive dropping of leaves occurs even during spring or summer.


  • Branches are starting to fall for no apparent reason.
  • They no longer have leaves or bark.
  • Upon closer inspection, branches have rot or insect damage.


  • The bark has cracks and bald spots.
  • There is mushroom and fungal growth.
  • Unhealthy barks are brittle and flaking, while healthy ones are soft and pliable.
  • Sometimes a rotting smell will start to spread from the bark.


  • There is discoloration.
  • Roots have become soggy with signs of a growing mold or fungus.
  • Roots have undergone damage from heavy vehicles, lawnmower cuts, floods, and waterlogged.


  • An owl hole is already a heavy indicator that your tree might be dying.
  • There are rot spaces, dents, small holes, swelling, and cavities near the base.
  • There is growing fungus or mushroom at the bottom part of the trunk. Insects have also started building nests.

Like what we said earlier, if you suspect that there is something wrong or unnatural with your tree’s appearance or condition, contact professionals right away. We at Trees Hurt Too offer cost-free evaluation for homeowners who need help on Tree Care. Stay tuned for more tips and advice on caring for your lawn and plants.