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Lawn Care And Pest Control Needs For Fort Worth, Texas

How can anywhere else compare to Tarrant County's Fort Worth? With all the area offers, from sports to art and culture, to the architecture and unique neighborhoods, it can't be beaten! The only place that could be better than Fort Worth, Texas, is a place without pests, but unfortunately, such a place doesn't exist! To make Fort Worth as close to perfect as possible, Trees Hurt Too, Inc. is dedicated to keeping the area safe from pests and supplying the lawn and tree care needed to keep these properties picture perfect!

Our mission is to provide the best and highest quality of services at a cost-effective price. We understand that lawn care and pest control go hand in hand when it comes to keeping your property healthy. To learn how Trees Hurt Too, Inc. can help you with pest control and yard maintenance, give us a call or fill out the contact form on our website. In a short time, you can receive a free estimate with no obligation and get started with the services you need for a happy and healthy property.

Six Tips To Caring For Your Fort Worth Lawn

Have you found yourself envious of your neighbor's lawns that are lush and green, not a weed or yellow spot to be found? Are you frustrated that you can't achieve the same? Well, you're in luck; Trees Hurt Too, Inc. has a few tips to share to help you care for your Fort Worth lawn:

1. When it comes to watering your lawn, you want to water it thoroughly and not just a quick shower. This helps the roots grow deeper, making for healthier grass.

2. Aerate your lawn at least once a year to help water drain, nutrients absorb, and air circulate.

3. Know what grass species your lawn is made up of. Knowing this will help you maintain it properly by keeping it at the best length for mowing.

4. Instead of removing grass clippings after mowing your lawn, leave the clippings as they will decompose and return nutrients to the soil.

5. For the best nutrients, create your own compost out of food scraps.

6. Instead of using synthetic fertilizers, use all-natural ones. Not only are all-natural fertilizers better for your lawn, but they are also safer for you and your family.

For more tips on how to keep your lawn in tip-top shape, contact the experts at Trees Hurt Too, Inc. and have someone else do the work for you? Ask us about our lawn care services!

Why Is It So Hard To Control Rodents In Fort Worth, Texas?

A small brown mouse standing on top of moss in Fort Worth.

There are several species of rodents you might have to deal with while in Fort Worth. All these species are equally as frustrating and annoying as the others to have on your property. There is always the threat of damage and the spreading of diseases when faced with a rodent infestation. So, why is it so hard to get a handle on these rodents?

The experts at Trees Hurt Too Inc. have a few reasons why:

  • You might unintentionally attract them by leaving food easily accessible, having fixtures that are leaking, and the easy access to water. Your property may have open entry points or harborage areas.
  • Many rodents, such as mice and rats, have a rapid reproduction rate.
  • Store-bought products and traps might actually make an infestation worse if not used correctly.

For more information on rodents and how the knowledgeable technicians at Trees Hurt Too, Inc. can help you trap, exclude, and prevent rodents, give us a call! We are ready to take on any infestation you might be dealing with, making your Fort Worth property safe again.

The Importance Of Professional Termite Control In Fort Worth

In Fort Worth, TX, a brown insect is sitting on a piece of wood being observed for pest control purposes.

As a Fort Worth homeowner, you might not see termites as such a threat. This is because you probably don't see termites at all! Known as silent destroyers, termites can cause immense damage to a home before ever being found. And this is precisely why professional termite control is so important!

Other reasons include:

  • Termite infestations can be dangerous and difficult to assess, taking a trained eye to understand the infestation's full scope.
  • Termite infestations are often signs of a more significant problem, such as a moisture or leak issue.
  • Termites can stir up mold and mildew and cause allergies that people without protective wear shouldn't be exposed to.

Don't take the threat of termites lightly. Even if you only suspect termites on your property, it is best to call in the professionals at Trees Hurt Too, Inc. We can help you assess termite damage and treat your property to eradicate the entire colony, and prevent them from coming back. Contact us today!

Tree Care: A Guide For Fort Worth Property Owners

Unless you've had a problem with a tree on your property, you might not realize the importance of tree upkeep. For one, broken branches or branches growing too long are a safety hazard. Another reason is to keep your trees and yard healthy.

Here are a few tips for tree care on your Fort Worth property:

  • Know your trees so you are aware of what kind of care they may need and when to call an arborist for help if the tree is not thriving.
  • Keep trees maintained by pruning them, so they don't grow too close to your house or powerlines.
  • Don't leave broken branches to fall on their own as they can be a hazard.
  • Remove dead or dying branches to keep your tree healthy. If left, they can attract pests and are more susceptible to diseases.
  • Deepwater your trees, rather than just watering them a little bit frequently.
  • Use the right mulch and nutrients for the tree species.
  • When in doubt, call in the pros!

Trees can be difficult to maintain, especially if you cannot get on a ladder and trim branches when needed. For the best tree care services in Fort Worth, contact the tree experts at Trees Care Too, Inc. When in the care of our team, you don't have to worry about even picking up one leaf; we do it all! Call today to learn more about our tree services.

Everything A Fort Worth Homeowner Ever Wanted To Know About Fire Ants

Fire ants are a common problem for homeowners in Fort Worth. These tiny pests can cause big problems, and they're not always easy to get rid of. If you're dealing with fire ants in Fort Worth, there are a few things you should know.

First of all, it's important to understand that there are two different types of fire ants in Texas: the red imported fire ant (Solenopsis invicta) and the native fire ant (Solenopsis geminata). Both types of fire ants are aggressive and can sting, but the red imported fire ant is generally more aggressive and its sting is more painful.

Fire ants typically build their nests in open areas like parks, fields, and your lawn. They're attracted to these areas because they offer plenty of food for the fire ants to eat. If you have fire ants in your yard, it's likely that they're nesting in the ground. Their nests can be difficult to spot, but you might be able to see small mounds of dirt or sand that have been disturbed.

Fire ants typically come out to feed during the day. This is when they're most active and when they're most likely to sting. If you see fire ants while they're out feeding, it's best to leave them alone.

If you have fire ants in your yard, you should not try dealing with them on your own. There are home remedies for fire ants, but they're not always effective. And even if they are effective, they only work for a short period. What's more, fire ants can be very aggressive, and their stings can be painful. If you're not careful, you could end up getting stung multiple times.

Instead of trying to deal with the fire ants in Fort Worth on your own, it's best to call a professional pest control company like Trees Hurt Too Inc. We will be able to identify the type of fire ant you're dealing with and develop a treatment plan that will get rid of the fire ants for good.

Why You Need Professional Mosquito Control For Your Fort Worth Home

Mosquitoes are one of the most despised pests out there, and for good reason; their bites are itchy and their presence can ruin any outdoor event. But what many people don't realize is that mosquitoes can also transmit dangerous diseases.

That's why it's so important to have effective mosquito control for your Fort Worth home. There are a number of different ways to get rid of mosquitoes, but the most effective way is to hire a professional mosquito control company like Trees Hurt Too Inc.

In the meantime, there are some practical things you can do to reduce the number of mosquitoes on your property:

  • Keep your grass short and your weeds trimmed. Long grass and weeds provide hiding places for mosquitoes.
  • Eliminate standing water. Mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water, so get rid of any ponds, birdbaths, or other sources of stagnant water on your property.
  • Fix any leaks. Mosquitoes are attracted to the sound of running water, so fixing any dripping faucets or leaky hoses will help to keep them away.
  • Make sure your gutters are clean and free of debris. Mosquitoes like to breed in areas with standing water, and clogged gutters can provide the perfect environment for them.

While these tips can help to reduce their numbers on your property, the only way to truly get rid of mosquitoes is to hire a professional mosquito control company like Trees Hurt Too Inc. We will work with you to develop a customized mosquito control plan that will keep your property mosquito-free all season long.

We will come to your home and assess the situation, and then we will develop a customized treatment plan that will target the mosquitoes at their source. We use a specialized, safe three-step process that respects your property and your budget. Contact us today to learn more about our mosquito control services

When Do Fleas & Ticks Become A Problem For Fort Worth Residents?

Fleas and ticks can become a problem for Fort Worth residents any time of year, but they are most active in the spring and summer. This is when people and pets are spending more time outdoors, which increases the chances of coming into contact with these pests.

Fleas and ticks can cause a number of problems for people and pets:

  • Fleas can cause flea allergy dermatitis, which is a condition that causes severe itching, redness, and swelling. In some cases, it can even lead to secondary infections.
  • Ticks can transmit diseases like Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and ehrlichiosis to people.
  • Both fleas and ticks can cause anemia in young animals. Fleas do it by sucking blood, and ticks do it by injecting a toxin that prevents the blood from clotting properly.

It's important to be proactive about flea and tick control. There are a number of things you can do to prevent these pests from becoming a problem:

  • Keep your grass short and your weeds trimmed. This will reduce the number of places where fleas and ticks can hide.
  • Use a flea and tick preventive on your pets. This will help to keep them from getting infested in the first place.
  • Check your pets for fleas and ticks regularly. This will help to catch an infestation early.

The best way to protect yourself and your family from these pests is to call a professional pest control company like Trees Hurt Too Inc. We will be able to develop a customized flea and tick control plan that will keep your home and yard free of these pests all season long.

We understand how important it is to keep your family safe from these pests, which is why we use only the latest and most effective treatments available. We will work with you to develop a treatment plan that fits your needs and your budget. Contact us today to learn more about our flea and tick control services.

The Secret To Effective Weed Control For Your Fort Worth Lawn

Weeds are one of the most difficult lawn care problems to deal with. They can quickly take over your lawn and make it look unkempt and untidy. And once they've taken hold, they're very difficult to get rid of.

Sure, you can try to pull them out by hand, but that's only going to be effective for a short period of time. And if you're not careful, you could end up damaging your lawn in the process. Trying to achieve the perfect lawn on your own can be a frustrating and never-ending battle. That's why the best way to get rid of weeds is to hire a professional weed control company like Trees Hurt Too Inc.

Since 2014, we've been providing Fort Worth with advanced lawn care services performed by highly qualified Licensed Plant Health Care Professionals. We know that lawn care and pest control go hand in hand, so we've perfected tree and plant protection methods that work to limit pests on your property while making your lawn look great.

Unlike other pest control companies that offer lawn care services on the side, we actually specialize in lawn, tree, and vegetation health. We are a Certified Arborist through the ISA, as well as a Certified Applicator in Texas in the categories of lawn and ornamental plants. With Trees Hurt Too Inc., you can be assured that your lawn is in good hands.

We offer a variety of different weed control services to fit the unique needs of your property, including pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicide treatments, manual weed removal, and more. We will work with you to develop a customized plan that will get rid of the weeds on your property and keep them from coming back.

Don't let weeds take over your lawn. Contact Trees Hurt Too Inc. today and schedule a free quote for our lawn care services.

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