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Professional Pest Control In Highland Park, TX

Located just miles from downtown Dallas, Highland Park is a beautiful place to live and work. Our numerous well-maintained parks offer enjoyable recreational activities throughout the year, our restaurants offer the best in seafood, Tex-Mex, and everything in between, and our shopping centers provide everything you could ever need or want. Whether you spend your days working in Highland Park, raise a family here, or settle down after retirement, there’s no better place to live and work.

You do everything you can to maintain your property in our beautiful community, and part of that maintenance is ongoing pest control. Pests are a part of life in Highland Park, but they don’t have to be a part of your home or business. Because of the destructive nature of pests, it’s best to protect your property from them all year long. Trees Hurt Too Inc. offers Central Dallas County pest control to the residents and business owners of Highland Park. Our services not only protect your structures from pests but also the landscaping you work so hard to maintain.

Residential Pest Control In Highland Park

If you don’t currently have lawn and home pest control for your Highland Park property, it’s time to ask yourself why not. Our climate lends itself to pest activity throughout all twelve months of the year, so your home is at risk of a pest infestation every day without protection.

No one wants to see their trees and plants dying because pests are eating them, their family getting sick because pests are spreading diseases, or their home damaged because pests have moved in. With Trees Hurt Too Inc., you’ll receive the services your home and yard need to stop invading pests, so everything and everyone is protected.

Even if pests have already gotten into your home, it’s not too late to stop them. We offer pest control for active infestations that thoroughly and efficiently eliminate the pests in and around your house. We’ll then provide the preventative services necessary so you won’t have to deal with the problem again.

What Everyone In Highland Park Should Know About Mosquitoes & Dangerous Diseases

A mosquito is sitting on a person's hand in Highland Park.

If mosquitoes were simply a nuisance pest, they would still be one of the worst. However, the fact that they are the deadliest animal in the world seems fitting for these tiny biting insects. No one likes mosquitoes, and we all have good reasons to want to avoid them: Not only do they cover us in itchy bites, but they also spread dangerous diseases.

What diseases carried by mosquitoes are transmitted in Highland Park? Thankfully, not every disease mosquitoes have is common in the United States. However, there are a few we need to look out for here in Texas. These include the West Nile virus, chikungunya, dengue, and Zika virus. Although most people who contract these illnesses fully recover, in some instances, people will develop severe, persistent, or even deadly symptoms.

Avoiding mosquitoes whenever possible is the best way to prevent yourself from getting bitten and possibly contracting a disease. Although avoiding mosquitoes completely is impossible, you can reduce their numbers with mosquito control from Trees Hurt Too Inc. Our use of In2Care Mosquito Traps provides constant control that is safe for your family, pets, and vegetation.

The Benefits of Perimeter Pest Control In Highland Park

A man from TX Pest Control, Highland Park's leading pest control company, is expertly spraying a garden with a gas-powered sprayer.

When you live in Highland Park, year-round pest control is more of a necessity than an option. Pests are active all year and can get into your house in every season. Because of that, you must protect your home all year with preventative pest control. This doesn’t mean you must have a pest control company spraying harmful chemicals inside your house every month. The most effective pest control programs are the ones that are rarely treated inside your home at all.

Trees Hurt Too Inc. offers home perimeter pest control services to protect your house all year long. As its name implies, perimeter pest control creates a protective barrier all around the exterior perimeter of your house. This stops pests from getting inside. With regular perimeter treatments, you can rest assured that your home’s protection remains constant year-round. Contact Trees Hurt Too Inc. for the most effective pest control in Highland Park.

Commercial Pest Control In Highland Park

A pest infestation in your restaurant puts your food at risk of contamination. A pest infestation in your retail store puts your merchandise at risk of damage. A pest infestation in your office building puts your employees at risk of illness or injury. No matter your industry, your business is at stake when pests show up.

To protect your business, you need the best commercial pest control company working for you. Tree Hurt Too Inc. provides the commercial pest control services you need, backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our treatments are tailored to your business’s unique needs so that you can be assured of their success. Whether you are fighting a current pest problem or are hoping to avoid a future one, we offer the services you need.

Brown Recluse Spider Control In Highland Park

Of all the venomous spiders in Texas, the brown recluse is one of the most common. Often called "violin spiders" or "fiddleback spiders" due to the distinctive fiddle-shaped marking on their cephalothorax, these discrete arachnids typically hide in dark, undisturbed areas, such as closets, attics, and basements.

While they are not aggressive unless they feel threatened, you must be careful when dealing with brown recluse spiders, as their venom can cause serious medical problems. If you spot one, remember that there may be many more in your home and that it is best to avoid them and contact a professional pest control company to take care of the problem. In case of a bite, seek medical care immediately.

Controlling brown recluse spiders requires eliminating their hiding spots and reducing their food sources. Some practical prevention tips include sealing cracks and crevices in your home, removing piles of clutter, and regularly cleaning and vacuuming so they do not come in and don't find the right environment to thrive.

Additionally, we recommend that you store food in tightly sealed containers, clean your kitchen and food prep areas daily, and keep outdoor lights off at night to reduce the population of insects that the spiders feed on. Keeping trees trimmed and firewood away from your home is also helpful.

Because a professional pest control company can safely and effectively eliminate brown recluse spiders from your home, relying on their services can take care of your problem before it can spread. Our service members can use multiple spider control strategies, including web removal, dust application, glue board monitoring, and liquid residual. Their use should be left to the professionals as they can contain hazardous chemicals or be ineffective when misused.

If brown recluse spiders have taken over your property, All-Safe Pest & Termite can eliminate them while keeping your household safe. Call us today to find out more and to schedule your initial home inspection.

American Cockroach Control In Highland Park

American Cockroaches are one of the most common cockroach species found in Texas. They are notorious pests in residential and commercial properties and can lead to many issues, from causing property damage to spreading dangerous pathogens. The following strategies can help control and prevent these unwanted scavengers:

  • Proper sanitation: Maintaining a clean and well-organized environment is essential in cockroach control. You will need to regularly clean kitchen surfaces, store food in airtight containers, and keep trash in sealed containers.
  • Exclusion: Seal cracks, crevices, and other entry points where cockroaches can enter. A professional pest control company can recommend appropriate materials like weather stripping or caulking.
  • Treatments: Many insecticides are available to eliminate cockroaches. However, choosing the right product and applying it correctly is crucial to achieving the best results. Relying on the services of a pest control company is recommended, as cockroaches regularly become resistant to products and can spread quickly.
  • Professional inspections: Hiring a professional pest control service is an effective way to eliminate cockroach infestations. At All-Safe Pest & Termite, our experts have access to the most advanced pest control products and techniques. We can provide a customized solution for your specific cockroach problem and keep these scavengers from returning with regular home inspections.

If you are struggling with an American cockroach infestation, you must address the underlying causes to ensure that the problem does not return in the future, in addition to conducting inspections and applying treatments. Call us today to find out how we can eliminate your cockroach problem for good.

Centipede Control In Highland Park

Centipedes, the elongated, many-legged arthropods common in Texas, are attracted to moist and humid environments, such as basements, bathrooms, and crawl spaces. They feed on insects, including spiders, cockroaches, and silverfish, and their presence often indicates other pest infestations.

There are many ways to get rid of centipedes in your house, but some of the treatments can be challenging to use correctly and safely. A licensed pest control professional can determine the most appropriate ones after a thorough inspection which will help determine the extent of the infestation and the best course of action.

On your end, there are strategies you can use to keep centipedes out of your homes. For instance, you can remove potential hiding spots, seal cracks or crevices, and keep your home as dry as possible. Keeping the humidity levels low can help discourage centipedes from settling in and will help control other pests from entering, including spiders, cockroaches, and rodents. Regular vacuuming and sweeping can also help remove any centipede eggs that may be present.

Working with a licensed pest control professional at All-Safe Pest & Termite can help eliminate existing centipede infestations and prevent future ones. Call us today to schedule a home visit and learn about our prevention and treatment strategies.

Cricket Control In Highland Park

Not only are crickets common around Highland Park, but they can cause damage to gardens and lawns as well as belongings in your home as they chew on your rugs, clothing, and more. Some can also make an extraordinary amount of noise by rubbing their wings together. As you can imagine, they are not desirable insects on your property.

Effective cricket control includes removing their habitats, like leaf piles or rocks, and using barriers to prevent them from entering your gardens. You will also want to keep your lawn trimmed and watered regularly to make it less attractive to these hopping invaders.

Indoors, you will most often find crickets taking refuge in dark and humid areas like basements. If you have leaks in your home, now is the time to get them fixed. Keeping your home free of clutter and as clean as possible will also help deter crickets and other pests.

A professional pest control company like All-Safe Pest & Termite can inspect your home to find their hiding spots and recommend the best course of action to eliminate crickets and prevent them from returning. Call us or fill out the form on our website today to learn more about our safe and effective cricket control services.

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