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What are lawn pests?

Lawn pests live in our yards and cause damage to its grasses and plants. Lawn pests can cause healthy green lawns to quickly turn brown and crunchy, reducing your property's curb appeal. Grubs are one of the most common and problematic lawn pests in Tarrant County, TX. They are the larvae of June beetles and are white, plump, and identified by the c-shaped position they hold their bodies in.

Grub Control Tips For Your Arlington Lawn: A group of caterworms in the dirt.

Are lawn pests dangerous?

A lawn pest's feeding habits cause grass and plants to wilt and eventually die off. Lawn pests are not dangerous to people as we rarely encounter these ground dwellers, but they are incredibly damaging to our lawns. Unsightly and costly damage is caused to Texas yards by invading lawn pests. A heavy infestation of lawn grubs attracts other pests such as crows, skunks, raccoons, and other wild animals to a yard. These animals will dig up your yard while foraging for one of their favorite foods which then causes another issue and professional pest control services may be needed.

Why do I have a lawn pest problem?

The truth is that grassy areas like our lawns are where grubs and other lawns pest feel at home. Grass, plants, and trees that are green and healthy are most attractive to lawn-destroying organisms. Our healthy lawns offer lawn pests the nutrients and moisture they need to grow and develop.

Where will I find lawn pests?

Grubs feed on grass roots just below the soil's surface, causing the grass to turn yellow or brown and die. Other places where you may find lawn pests include:

  • On the blades of grass
  • On the leaves of plants and trees
  • Feeding on fruits and vegetables in garden areas

How do I get rid of lawn pests?

Difficult to keep out of our yards, the best way to win the war on lawn pests is with a professional's help. We understand how frustrating dealing with lawn pests can be and how devastating their damage is to a Texas yard. At Trees Hurt Too, Inc., we use eco friendly products to control lawn pests; we strive to solve pest problems in an environmentally friendly manner.

To learn more about our effective lawn care services or to schedule a free consultation, give us a call today and speak with one of our helpful professionals!

How can I prevent lawn pests in the future?

Preventing problems with lawn pests is tricky since they are attracted to healthy lawns. Regular, reliable lawn care services from Trees Hurt Too, Inc. is the best way to prevent problems with lawn pests.

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