The Benefits Of Deep Root Feeding For Your Arlington Trees

Arlington, Texas, residents know that homes are one of the most expensive purchases they will probably make in their lifetime. Since curb appeal increases the value of your home, tree care is an essential part of a yard's beautification. If Arlington, Texas, homeowners are not careful, unsightly trees may detract from the value of their homes.

A beautiful home with an abundance of landscaping in the front yard, featured on a blog discussing the benefits of deep root feeding for Arlington trees.

What Everyone Ought To Know About Deep Root Fertilization

The last thing homeowners need is their trees bringing down the value of their most expensive financial commitment. Visual inspection of trees doesn't always give you an accurate account of a tree's health. The root zone beneath a tree is essential; when it lacks the nutrients it needs, its health will decline. If trees appear to be suffering, a process of deep root fertilization can help.

Three steps in deep root fertilization include:

  1. Preparation of fertilizer specific to your tree's needs.
  2. Creating a channel for infusion.
  3. Delivering fertilizer to the heart of the problem.

In the deep root fertilization process, narrow holes are drilled below the soil about 2 to 3 feet apart from the tree's base (around the drip line). Specially formulated liquid fertilizer (with nutrients) is slowly released into the holes to spread throughout the soil and the root zone. This process improves the soil and the tree's strength and health including the trunk, branches, and leaves.

What Are The Benefits Of Deep Root Fertilization In Arlington?

Out in the wild, trees will not survive in places where their roots do not receive sufficient food. When it comes to trees on your property, several factors can contribute to their declining health.

Four areas that may cause trees on your property to decline include:

  1. Competition: Landscaping changes can cause competition between trees, bushes, and grass underground. Healthy trees may start to experience a shortage of the nutrients they need to thrive.
  2. Compatibility: Sometimes, transplanted trees or ones added to landscaping are not suitable to the soil they are planted in and begin to decline.
  3. Pollution: Environmental pollutions can cause healthy trees to experience a loss of nutrients.
  4. Attacks: Even trees established in your yard can suddenly be attacked or infected by pests and diseases.

Deep root fertilization is beneficial to homeowners in that treatments can be specifically customized to your tree's individual needs and delivered directly to the heart of a tree's transportation system. It improves the soil aiding growth, and it also defends trees from disease and insect damage. Ultimately it results in healthier trees.

The Secret To The Process Of Deep Root Feeding In Arlington

Healthy trees and a well-manicured lawn can increase the value of your home by 25 percent. At Trees Hurt Too, we use a product called Arborjet to keep trees healthy and strong. Instead of placing a solution into the tree's roots, we use a drill–plug injection method; this rapidly puts your specialized solution into the tree's transportation tissue without harming the tree. By placing it directly into the tree, it limits any environmental exposure.

Why Arlington Residents Should Use Trees Hurt Too To Keep Trees Healthy

Trees Hurt Too is a tree service company committed to exceptional tree care. Our goal is to keep your trees strong and healthy. Our "tree doctors" can give you a free inspection of your trees and provide recommendations for keeping them healthy or bringing them back to life again. You deserve to have a beautiful landscape, and it is our mission to provide you with excellent tree service that will give it to you! Call Trees Hurt Too today to schedule an appointment or for more information.

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