The Best Form Of Rodent Control For Your Arlington Home

You choose who you share your home with. If you are married, you share it with your spouse. If you have kids, they get a place to stay too. You can even adopt a pet or two and let them run and play around your living areas. Sharing your home is a normal and widely accepted concept. What is normal but less widely accepted is sharing your home with rodents. When these furry pests invade properties, their presence isn't the only bothersome thing. To help you better understand rodents and to provide you with some simple solutions to get these unwanted guests out of your house, here are a few things you should know.

In a pile of leaves, a small brown mouse sits, showcasing the best form of rodent control for your Arlington home.

The Types Of Rodents That Live In Texas

Texas is home to sixty-four species of rodents. Thankfully, not all are known for invading homes. A few types that might try to get inside are mice, rats, and occasionally squirrels. Despite their differences in appearance in size, these three problematic pests have several things in common.

First of all, rodents have sharp, strong front teeth. They use these teeth to tear up materials to build nests, chew through walls, and damage fixtures and decorative features around homes. Rats, in particular, have teeth so strong they can chew through aluminum sheeting and weak concrete.

In addition to having strong teeth, rodents are also intelligent. They use their high intellect to craft ways to invade homes, avoid danger when inside, and find unique ways to get into food storage areas to fill their bellies.

Finally, rodents are dexterous. You have seen squirrels jump from tree to tree. Rats and mice do similar things, climbing the exterior of homes, telephone poles, and trees, as well as jumping short distances to gain access to entry points.

Why Rodents Invade Homes

Our homes provide rodents with several unique opportunities they don't have outdoors, such as temperature-controlled living spaces and an almost infinite source of food and water. As far as rodents are concerned, living indoors with dangerous humans to stay fed, warm, and hydrated is well worth the risk.

The Problems That Come With Rodents

Most pests cause one of three problems. They are either annoying, dangerous, or destructive; rodents are all three. These irritating pests pitter-patter around late at night, keeping homeowners awake and spread a laundry list of dangerous diseases through their fecal matter and urine. They also destroy property with their durable teeth. On top of all this, rodents regularly bring fleas and ticks into homes, posing additional threats to humans.

Why Avoid DIY With Rodents

There are many reasons you should not try to handle a rodent infestation on your own. The first and most obvious is that rodents are dangerous. Also, many pesticides are hazardous to use and pose a risk to you, your family, and your pets if used improperly or in the wrong amounts. Finally, rodents are clever and regularly adapt when presented with threats to their health. For example, if one rat sees another die in a trap, they'll likely avoid the traps or may even learn how to activate them without getting hurt in order to eat the bait.

What To Do About A Rodent Infestation

When rodents invade, your first response should be to call the professionals at Trees Hurt Too, Inc. Our highly trained professionals have the advanced pest control technology and equipment needed to handle rodents. We'll be glad to put our experience to work for you and your home.

Don't let rodents share your living spaces with you. Reach out to us today and find your answer to these problematic pests, and learn how we create healthy lawns in Tarrant County.

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