All About Deep Root Feeding For Trees In Arlington

It is a tradition among many new homeowners to plant a tree somewhere on their property. They do this in order to watch it grow as a type of marker of their time in the home. This tradition is something magical and can put the passage of time into perspective. The question is, what do you do if that tree or another tree on your property starts to die? Is there a fast way to get it the nutrients it needs? Here is why deep root feeding may be the best option for trees around your Arlington property.

A close up of the roots of a tree, showcasing the deep root feeding technique.

What Is Fertilization?

Fertilization is a process practiced by lawn care professionals and arborists that involves applying a nutrient-rich supplement on or around where a plant is growing. Most often, fertilizers are used on lawns to support healthy grass growth. When it comes to trees, however, finding an effective way to apply fertilizer often proves difficult. While most plants have shallow roots that are easily fed by nutrient-rich products applied to surface soil, tree roots are deep and have more trouble absorbing surface-level fertilizers. Fortunately, there's one method that gets fertilizer deeper.

What Is Deep Root Fertilization?

Deep root fertilization is a process that provides fertilizer with a mechanism to reach deep underground. In the case of trees, deep root fertilization helps the fertilizer move down to where the roots are growing. What does this process look like? Well, it starts with one of our highly trained lawn care technicians thoroughly inspecting the condition of your property's trees. During this time, they will look for any signs of death, decay, disease, or other threats to the general health of your trees. If they find problems that can be helped by deep root fertilization, your technician will then insert an eight to twelve-inch hollow pipe into the soil near the tree's base. They will then hook the pipe to a machine that applies pressure and pumps nutrient-rich fertilizer deep underground where roots can easily absorb it.

Why Trees Need Fertilization

Dying trees are not the only types of trees that need proper fertilization. Fertilization is important for healthy plant growth and is generally helpful in most situations. For trees specifically, the key nutrients they need are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Let's take a look at these three individual nutrients. Nitrogen moves fast through the soil and can be fed to trees by sprinkling it around their base. Phosphorus moves much slower and needs to be applied underground to be properly absorbed. Finally, potassium moves a bit slower than nitrogen but not as slow as phosphorus and is generally found in high amounts within the soil. It is usually not needed as a nutritional supplement.

How Trees Hurt Too Inc. Can Help Your Trees

At Trees Hurt Too, Inc., we believe a healthy property aids in a happy life. Whether you are a new homeowner or have lived in your home for many years, our team would like to offer our assistance with any or all of your lawn care needs. From general mowing, weeding, and bush trimming to advanced services such as deep root fertilization, aeration, and plant disease care, we offer everything your property needs to stay healthy and green. To learn more about our comprehensive tree care programs, or to find a reliable lawn care plan that best fits your Arlington lawn and property, reach out to the experts at Trees Hurt Too, Inc. One of our friendly service representatives will walk you through your options and help you find one that properly addresses all of your lawn-care needs.

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