Maximizing Your Arlington Lawn’s Potential: The Benefits Of Fall Fertilizer

Although fall is typically the time when you start backing off on lawn care in Arlington work because the grass needs less help when the active growing season is coming to an end, fall is a time when you should start considering what you need to do to prepare the grass for the following spring.

Lawn care maintenance in the fall should include the application of fall fertilizer. This is an important time to prepare the grass and plants, giving them the nutrients they need to grow thick and lush the following year.

Maximizing Your Arlington Lawn's Potential: A person is mowing the lawn with a lawn mower.

Timing Is Key: When To Apply Fall Fertilizer For Optimal Results

At Trees Hurt Too, our trusted lawn care company knows the perfect time in the autumn to apply fertilizer. Timing is important in order to receive the maximum benefit from the application. Often, the best time to perform the autumn fertilizer application in Arlington is in October or November. You want to give your grass the ability to store the nutrients, so they’re in place for the following spring. If you apply the fall fertilizer too early, the grass may use it for more growth, rather than storing it.

Still, the exact time for application depends on the type of soil you have and the health of your grass. Trust our local lawn care team to figure this out for you, giving you the maximum benefits.

Nutrients Your Lawn Needs: Essential Components Of Fall Fertilizer

One of the reasons we offer the best lawn care service in Arlington is because of our ability to match the nutrients your lawn specifically needs in the autumn to the application we provide. Lawns need different concentrations of ingredients in their fertilizer, depending on the type of year of the application.

Nitrogen is a key component of a fall fertilizer mixture, as we can use it through a slow-release formula. This gives the grass the benefits it needs in the spring. Additionally, potassium should be part of any fall fertilizer application, as it helps to strengthen the root structure and to give the grass the ability to avoid suffering damage during winter stress. Phosphorus is less important in the autumn, as it delivers benefits primarily when new seeds are preparing to grow. Depending on the health of your lawn, we may not apply any phosphorus in the autumn.

Enhancing Winter Hardiness: How Fall Fertilizing Prepares Your Lawn

Fall lawn care is an important aspect of any lawn care schedule. Some of the ways that it benefits and prepares your yard for the following growing season include:

  • Gives the grass the nutrients it needs for repair
  • Boosts the roots prior to winter dormancy
  • Provides nutrients the grass can store for use in the spring

The morning dew that often appears on the blades of grass in the late fall’s cooler weather helps with absorption of the fertilizer as well. By giving the grass fertilizer in the fall, it has a head start in the spring versus unfertilized grass that doesn’t have that added boost of nutrients.

The Right Fertilizer For Your Lawn: Contact Us To Learn More

The lawn care professionals at Trees Hurt Too have the experience required to keep your Arlington yard in beautiful shape all year round. Purchasing just any bag of fertilizer at the local store and applying it yourself likely won’t help as much as we can. Our team knows how to apply the best product at the perfect concentration and at the right time to deliver maximum results.

We deliver a pleasant customer service experience, explaining the steps we’re taking to beautify your lawn. We even have natural application options that may fit the needs of your family better. For a free consultation, reach out to Trees Hurt Too today.

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