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We Provide Expert Termite Control Services in Arlington, Texas.

Are you in need of a Termite Control Professional? Termites can actually cause upwards of billions of dollars in damage each year. Wood is what they are mostly after in terms of feeding, but they are also known to damage insulation, books, and sometimes even the liners of backyard swimming pools. You definitely want to address this problem during the time that you are getting ready to sell the home, and we can provide a no-obligation, very thorough inspection for you. We as experts know just how disheartening it can be to have termites slowly sustaining themselves on your largest investment in life: your home or business.

When our professionals are on the detailed job and inspection for termite control, they use all of their knowledge to help as much as possible. Many of the points of entry that termites use to infest the house can be difficult to access, and this is where our expertise comes in. There is special equipment such as large-capacity tanks, soil treatment rods, drills, and pumps that are used during this process. We will make the selection to determine whether we need to access areas within foundation walls, underneath concrete slabs, or inside of the ground right next to foundation, all areas where termites are known to call home.

With the sometimes intense climate in Texas, there are some unique challenges presented that your termite control professional will navigate for you. Some colonies may require spot treatments for effectiveness, while others may require a perimeter approach that uses non-repellent liquid termiticides. Some baits for termites are installed below ground, and when the termites consume the bait, they spread it to their nestmates, resulting in the steady wiping out of the hazardous population. Sometimes it is difficult to notice the signs of infestation, another reason to have an inspection if you have any doubts.

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The experts that proudly call Trees Hurt Too their home have been keeping homes and businesses in Texas free of termites for over a decade. We desire for you to enjoy your property during every season, and not worry about the erosion and decline in value that pesky termites can bring upon you. Our inspectors and technicians will see to it that you are not dealing with your valuable land and dwelling being under attack, and keep all elements of your lawn looking great all year long. You can call today to schedule a no-obligation estimate by calling 972-521-1552 to schedule immediately.